What's this

This is another syslog for windows, it includes daemon and client. Features:

  • RFC 3164-compliant;

  • high performance;

  • message forwarding;

  • log rotation;

  • completely open-source.

What for

Primarily it was written for myself to help to create portable software. So if you are:

  • porting existing UNIX software to native win32 platform,

  • writing portable software,

  • writing pure windows software but understanding that EventLog sucks and looking for an alternative

then I hope that this stuff will be useful for you too.

Of course, you may just use the daemon as the network message collector. But I think that any UNIX alternative is much better. Not because this stuff is not so good (I hope), just because the underlying system is better.

Legal issues

The source code of the daemon and the client library IS NOT COPYRIGHTED and is offered for use in the public domain. You may use, modify or distribute it freely.

However, the project includes syslog header file, logger utility and the test based on it. This stuff is distributed under the BSD license.

The daemon uses Glib, libiconv and libintl libraries and the binary distribution includes them under the LGPL license.