You need Glib to compile this stuff. Take the binary distribution or compile it yourself (look into extras subdirectory for an example).

Compiling from CVS

Run I used automake 1.8.5, autoconf 2.59 and libtool 1.5.10. With earlier versions it may not work because some command line options aren't supported. Then use configure script as described below.

Compiling from source tarball

Just use configure && make. Option --enable-relocatable affects the location of configuration directory: if specified, sysconfdir is prepended with “.”. For example, if you run

./configure --sysconfdir=/etc --enable-relocateble

then syslogd.exe and client will read their configuration file from etc subdirectory located in the same directory with executable file.

Compiling documentation

You should have DocBook and DocBook Website installed in your system. Go to doc/book directory and run, for example:

xmlto html-nochunks syslog-win32.xml

Go to doc/website directory and issue the following commands:

xsltproc --output autolayout.xml \ \
xsltproc --stringparam output-root htdocs \
	stylesheets/chunk-tabular.xsl \

Building binary distribution

At first, compile documentation in doc/book. Then use It does all you need. You should have some packages — look into the script to see which ones. Also, you should have Inno Setup with ISPP installed in your system.


You should have cross compiler and Wine installed. Wine is required to run Inno Setup Compiler and the directory in which you are going to build should be accessible via some drive letter.

Assuming target triplet is i686-pc-mingw32, iscc is in its default directory c:\program files\inno setup 5 and required packages are in ./distfiles:

DISTFILES=distfiles \
ISCC=c:\\program\ files\\inno\ setup\ 5\\iscc.exe \
HOST=i686-pc-mingw32 \

on Windows

I've noticed that Msys has troubles running some native command-line applications. So you'll have to run Inno Setup by hand.

DISTFILES=<path to the directory with packages> \